A TreeHouse Bed and Breakfast
2490 49th Ave W
Vancouver, BC, V6M 2V3, Canada
1.877.266.2960 | 1.604.266.2962 | 1.604.551.1005

Last Minute Specials

No cancellations

Phone 1.877.266.2960 or email bookings only

Credit card charged for total booking $ when made

10% discount for cash prior to departure

Credit card refund for total booking $ with cash payment

Room availability - all dates of a date range are available including the first and the last:

  • TreeTop Suite: Sep17-18,21-28 Oct1-12
  • EverGreen Suite: Sep17-18,21-30 Oct1-8
  • RedCedar1: Sep22-25,29 Oct4-8,12
  • RedCedar2: Sep17-20,25-30  Oct1-12