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Your Hosts

Bob was born in Calgary AB, Canada. He grew up in Toronto ON. He completed a BASc (Engineering Physics) and MSc (Physics) at the University of Toronto (UofT). Bob worked on his PhD (Physics) research on a student sabbatical at the Center of Excellence at the University of Virginia (UVa) in Charlottesville – home of Thomas Jefferson, one of his longtime idols. He had the honor and great inspirational pleasure of interacting with more than 10 Noble Prize winners while there. Barb grew up in Waynesboro, VA. She attended Queens College in Charlotte NC, the University of Georgia in Athens, and completed her MEd (Education) at UVa. They met in Charlottesville at an International Folk Club Dance, fell in love on a Rivanna River rafting trip, and were married in the UVa chapel. Many friends and family from UVa, and all over Canada and the USA attended the celebration. After Bob successfully completed his PhD requirements at UofT, they drove west to Vancouver BC. When Bob completed his post-doctoral fellowship (PDF) at UBC, they decided to stay. They know of no other place in the world they would rather live.

After completing his PDF, Bob taught in Continuing Education at BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology), and started his Hi-Tech Contracting and Consulting Company, The S-Matrix Group, after a brief apprenticeship at Walden North. A physicist at heart, he continues to do fundamental physics research as a hobby. Barb taught for many years in the BC public school system. Her classroom consisted of three year “family groupings”. She was a year 2000 “master teacher”. Many parents, students, teachers, and administrators have observed and participated in the programs in her classroom. She has given many workshops on her methods in Vancouver and around the province.

Bob and Barb (B&B) have much in common.

B&B pursue a pro-active healthy lifestyle using the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter as their guide. They eat, live, & sleep well, think good thoughts, and exercise daily. Bob, a triathlete, enjoys outdoor training in scenic Vancouver. He visits the local YWCA regularly where he swims, weight trains, and does Yoga. At his office, he uses Bodylastics, and his Total Gym. Since retiring from teaching aerobics, skiing, and running marathons, Barb has become a Bar Method addict doing 5-7 classes a week. She is in her best shape ever, and was recently chosen a “Bar Method Star of the Month”.

B&B are avid supporters of the Contra and English Country Dance (ECD) community – see the Country Dance & Song Society for more information. They attend evening dances, weekends, and camps regularly in Vancouver, Bellingham and Seattle. They have danced in California, Oregon, Virginia, Maryland, and Hawaii. They like to dance wherever they travel. Google gives many links to Contra and ECD searches. YouTube has excellent clips of both forms from the USA, Canada, Europe, and beyond. Dance master / teachers, Jane Austen upper society & grange barn dancing lower society are the roots. Live dance teacher / callers, bands playing blues / cajun / caribbean / folk / jazz / rock / salsa / techno / waltz, and traditional jigs, reels, & ceilis are the current norm. The extended community is joyful, exciting, enthralling, and inclusive.

B&B enjoy the fresh outlook, and unity of life affirming experiences that travel brings. They have a large bucket list. They have travelled extensively around Canada, the USA, and Mexico; have visited Bali, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the Caribbean. They enjoy cruising; itineraries have included Alaska, Turkey & Greece, and more than once through the Panama Canal, the east & west  coast of Mexico, and the Caribbean islands. They feel at home wherever they go. They have found that new architectural, artistic, culinary, cultural, educational, historical, lifestyle, and fellowship experiences are always waiting.

Avid readers, Barb prefers quirky fiction. Bob prefers profession related nonfiction (Science, Technology, and Business). Both have embraced eReader and many other smartphone apps, and use public libraries and other internet resources extensively.

B&B are passionate about the planet that we all share, sustainability, human rights, equality of opportunity for all, quality of life issues, education, science & technology, situational ethics, and politics. They love spending time with their friends. They strive for excellence in all that they do.